Seasonal Yoga: Wildcraft Your Yoga Practice


Both your body and spirit are rooted in the cycles of natural world, and that means from growth to rest, there is a season for everything. The yogis and yoginis of old understood that there is a time for a certain kind of practice, whether it be restorative or invigorating, and a time for certain foods and medicines.

Today the new field of chronobiology tells us the same seasonal cycles regulating local plant life, shapes our bodies as well. Further, each place on the planet, from mountains regions to seashores, deserts to lush valleys, has it’s own unique geographic, geomagnetic, climatic and geomantic signature (earth energies) that further influences the flora and fauna – and people who live there.

So when we practice “power yoga” in a time for meant for rest, we are out of sync with the season, and when we eat food grown a thousand miles away, we are out of sync with the energies of mother nature.

But by consuming the seasonal local foods and medicines that mother nature decides where and when to grow, according to her wisdom, we come into “healing harmony” with the land we live on. And when we bring our yoga practice into alignment with the seasonal rhythms, of growth, rest and regeneration that govern all life on the planet – we come into resonance with the very frequency of life.


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