About Me



Well, here’s a picture of my favourite restorative activity, grounding with mama earth. It’s this heartfelt union with the essential nature of reality – Ananda, or divine bliss – that keeps me centered, and it’s what The Yoga Apothecary is all about.

I’m a devoted long-time yoga practitioner (20 years!) whose ongoing passion for yoga led me to become a 500 hr. yoga teacher, a yoga blogger (Body Divine Yoga), and a member of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. And I’m in the process of (finally!) completing my 800 hr. certification as a yoga therapist.

In the past five years my commitment to the healing power of nature took me on a new path (more on my personal story here). I undertook a herbal apprenticeship with the renowned local herbalist Betty Norton and continue studies for my Wildcrafting Bioregional Studies Certificate. 

This journey led me to co-found Gather Victoria  where as a wild food educator my mission is to connect Victoria residents with the nature right outside their front door, the many nourishing foods and medicinal herbs that grow in their neighbourhoods, city streets and backyards.

Now with The Yoga Apothecary, I’m incorporating my passions for herbalism, wild food, and wildcrafting in seasonally aligned yoga practice. Why? By practicing yoga in rhythm with nature’s cycles of growth, rest, regeneration, we come into flow with the life-giving of energy in the cosmos. And isn’t that the only way to thrive? I think so!

So please join me.  Experience how herbs and yoga can bring you into “healing harmony” with mama nature.