Wildcraft Your Yoga Practice

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So what does wildcrafting have to do with yoga? Well for me wildcrafting simply means understanding that we are rooted in rhythms of the natural world. There is a time for a certain kind of practice, whether it be restorative or stimulating, and a time for certain foods and medicines.

Today the new field of chronobiology confirms ancient wisdom – there is a season for everything. The same solar and lunar cycles of growth, rest and regeneration that shape our landscapes and plant life, shapes our bodies too. So when we perform the same routines and sequence of postures without taking into account the effects on our physiology of the changing seasons, hours, days and moon phases – are we out of sync with nature?

Further, the land we inhabit has its own unique energetic forces determined by its geography and climate. Because the same natural energies that flow through our landscape flow through us as well, mother nature knows best when it comes to providing the medicines we need to thrive each season. So when we predominantly eat plants shipped in from a thousand miles away, are we out of sync with the energies of the land we live on?

Wildcrafting your yoga practice means coming into healing harmony with mother nature. And isn’t that the only way to truly thrive? I like to think so.  Here at The Yoga Apothecary, we work with the wild foods and local plants that mother nature decides where and when to grow according to her wisdom, in tandem with a seasonally aligned yoga practice. So join me and come into flow with the life-giving energy that governs all life on the planet.