Nature-Inspired Practice For Body & Soul



Come and explore The Yoga Apothecary!  We’re all about merging the therapeutic practice of yoga with the healing power of herbs. We begin our classes and workshops by sampling simple teas, infusions, tinctures (and even nourishing treats!) then explore their benefits in a seasonally aligned yoga practice in “healing harmony” with mother nature.

 Why Yoga & Herbs?

Today both yoga and herbalism are demonstrated healing modalities with profound benefits for physical and emotional health, from enhancing immune function, cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive and respiratory health, calming the nervous system, improving sleep, assisting with depression, anxiety and stress, and increasing feelings of peace and well-being.

So by using calming, restorative herbs in tandem with restorative posture, or digestive herbs in a yoga sequence designed to help us digest and detoxify, we support the therapeutic effectiveness of our practice. 

Why Seasonally Aligned?

The seasonal cycles of growth, rest and regeneration that govern all life on the planet, shape our landscapes, local plant life, and our bodies as well. There is a season for everything- even our yoga practice. That’s why we work with the local herbs and wild botanicals that grow all around us, the plants that mother nature decides where and when to grow according to her wisdom. By aligning our yoga practice with the seasonal cycles of the natural world we come into sync with the life-giving flow of energy in the cosmos!