Join me & enhance your yoga practice & revitalize your health. Here you’ll discover how to use wild botanicals, backyard weeds and garden herbs in healing harmony with seasonal rhythms of the natural world.  From boosting the immune system, supporting digestion, calming anxiety, and uplifting our spirits, come & experience the therapeutic and energetic benefits of a nature-based yoga practice.


A Season for Everything

Just like plants, we are rooted in the cycles of the natural world. The seasonal cycles that shape our landscapes and regulate local plant life – shape our bodies as well. Further, each place on the planet has it’s own unique earth energies that influence the flora and fauna, and people who live there.  

This means that from growth to rest, there is a time for a certain kind of practice, whether it be restorative or invigorating, and a time for certain plant medicines, whether they be cleansing or fortifying.

So by consuming the local plants that grow all around us, we come into sync with the energies of the land we live on. And by practicing yoga in rhythm with nature’s cycles of growth, rest, regeneration – we come into flow with the forces that govern all life on the planet. And isn’t that the only way to truly thrive? I think so!


From ancient yogic wisdom to 21st-century yoga, sacred plant medicine to modern herbalism, to wildcrafting and rewilding your yoga practice –The Yoga Apothecary will nourish, detoxify, energize and enlighten you – body and soul.