Nature-Inspired Practice For Body & Soul


What We Do

From rejuvenating and energizing the body, to calming the mind and uplifting the spirit, The Yoga Apothecary merges the therapeutic benefits of herbs with the therapeutic benefits of yoga. In these classes and workshops we’ll begin by sampling local garden herbs and wildcrafted botanicals in simple teas, infusions and tinctures. Then we’ll explore their physical and energetic benefits in a seasonally aligned yoga practice that will bring you into healing harmony with mother nature!

Our Philosophy

Herbs have been used in many yoga traditions for healing, rejuvenation and enlightenment for thousands of years. In yoga, the physical and energy body is likened to a tree with different branches, and different plants interact with these branches to both support the physical body, vitalize our chakras and facilitate the life-giving flow of prana through energy channels or nadis.

The ancient yogis and yoginis understood that just like trees, we are rooted in the cycles of natural world. That meant that from growth to rest, there is a season for everything. A time for a certain kind of practice, whether it be restorative or invigorating, and a time for certain foods and medicines, whether they be cleansing or calming.

Today science confirms that the seasonal, solar and lunar cycles that shape our landscapes and regulate local plant life, shape our bodies as well. Further, each place on the planet, from mountains regions to seashores, deserts to lush valleys, has it’s own unique earth energies that influence the flora and fauna – and people who live there.

So by consuming the local plants that grow all around us, we come into sync with the energies of the land we live on. And when we incorporate their many healing gifts into a seasonally adapted yoga practice, we come into healing harmony with the cycles of growth, rest and regeneration that govern all life on the planet.